Pennant Update

The Ladies finished their season with a comfortable 25-shot victory over Willetton at home although the game was not without a bit of drama. Val Turner’s rink won by an impressive 31-11 and Liz Mann’s rink won 28-20. Glenice Greenham’s rink lost 20-23 but Glenice didn’t play for more than half the game as she was taken ill and had to go home. So, playing one short, they did well to only lose by three shots.

The five points took the ladies up into fourth spot – a great performance – with eight wins and six losses from the games which were actually played. And what a wonderful season veteran skip Liz Mann had with 10 wins from 14 starts.

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Ladies Captain

Val Turner


Yvonne McCalmont (Tuesday)

Deb Beesley (Saturday)


Glenice Greenham (Tuesday)

Denise Hughes (Saturday)

Match Committee

Michelle Van De Ven

Anne Mauri

Val Turner

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